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MyVTU Transfer

Do you know you can now make transfers of funds/money to banks in Nigeria on 1app?

1app has come up with a laudable service to help you transfer money from your bank account or 1app wallet to other banks in Nigeria. The service is simple, fast and convenient.

How do I transfer/send money to banks on 1app?

  • Register a free account on
  • Log in to your account and click on the send money button.
  • Then choose the bank you are sending the money to from the listed banks.
  • Type the account number of the recipient, then click on the fetch account name button to verify the name of the recipient.
  • Once the name has been verified, type the amount you are sending.
    You can as well type in the description of the transfer in the provided box.
  • Then click on the Pay Now button to proceed to payment

What is the Transfer charges?

On the payment page, choose your preferred payment method either from your 1app wallet or make payment using your Debit card.

How do I know the money has been delivered/received?

Once your payment has been confirmed, the amount sent will be deducted from your wallet or bank account, and the recipient will instantly be credited.

What are the minimum and the maximum amount I can send at a time?

  • You can only send the minimum of N100 to any bank, but be aware there are charges of N50 on each transaction you make.
  • For now, the maximum amount you can send in a single transaction is N20,000 to any bank in Nigeria but there is no limit to the amount you can send in a day.

Is there a better way I can receive money from my customer using 1app without using banks?

Yes, you can as well receive payment from your customer using 1app Merchant services.

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