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1app Merchant Services

Yes, your personal virtual top-up platform is here again with a mouth-watering service – 1app Merchant! Making and receiving payment has become easier and affordable using our merchant service.

Building a successful business is challenging enough. With our payment system solution, we’ve designed a completely secure and reliable integrated payment platform that makes it easier to make and accept payments from customers anywhere in Nigeria.

How does it work?

Before you start receiving payment on 1app Merchant portal, you need to register
as a merchant on 1app using

Once you’ve registered, and your account has been approved and activated, your account will be made accessible to receive payment from your customers.

How do I know if my merchant account has been activated?

When your account is activated, you will receive a notification via your SMS/email notifying your approval.

How do I know if a customer has made payment when my product is purchased?

Once your account has been activated, you can then log in to your account dashboard. On your dashboard, you can monitor transactions and payment from customers, wallet balance, your total sales.

When a payment is made, you will receive notification of the payment details on your dashboard, and the amount paid will automatically be added to your wallet balance

Is there a way 1app can help to make my products known to my customers?

  • On your account sidebar, click on the Product list button to navigate to your product list.
  • On the product list page, click the add a new product button new product. Set the product name and amount and then click the add button.
  • You can also edit or remove the product after it has been added for any modification.
  • 1app also gives free advert to our top 10 rated merchants on the 1app website, blogs, and mobile apps.

How do I withdraw my merchant money?

To make a withdrawal of your wallet balance. You need to have completed your profile information updates. Once your profile has been updated, click on the withdraw button to enter the amount to withdraw, and then click on the request button to create the request. If successful, your bank account will be credited with the money within 24hours once your payment is cleared.

You can click on the withdrawal history button dashboard sidebar to monitor your withdrawal status and records.

What are the minimum and maximum amount I can withdraw at a time?

The minimum withdrawal amount you can request at a time is N10,000 and the maximum of N50,000 in a single transaction. All these are good measures which allow our system to monitor and secure your money.

Are there any charges when I request for withdrawal?

No charge is required when you request for any withdrawal.

Can I use my merchant account funds to pay another merchant on 1app?

Yes, you can as well make payment to any of the 1app merchants from your wallet balance without stress. All you need to do is to click the make payment button on your account dashboard. This takes you to the list of other services offered by 1app which you can benefit from. Such as cheap data bundle purchase, 1app investments, airtime recharges, cable tv recharges, merchants payments and lots more.

To pay a merchant, click on the Pay Merchant button, then search for the business name of the merchant, select/type the product you want to pay for and as well the amount of the product, then click pay now to make payment.

I have registered as a 1app merchant but my account has not been activated

Yes, whenever anyone registered as a merchant on 1app, the registration undergoes series of verification to affirm the identity and the Genuity of the user and his/ her business name using our modern technological tools. So if you’ve registered and your account has not been verified, you will not able to log in to your account pending the time it will be activated if the registration is found to be genuine.

Why is my account disabled?

You merchant account could be disabled if you violate any of our terms of service.  When your account is disabled if any of the terms is violated after a series of warning, any money in your wallet will be held until you’ve been cleared.

Can I get a point of sale machine – POS to ease my business?

Yes, one of the amazing features of 1app merchant service that gives us an edge over others is the given out of POS to our approved merchants at a very cheaper rate. For more details send us an email on [email protected]

1app merchant POS



1app is helping businesses and individuals to make and receive payments by aggregating all payment solutions into one reliable app