How to make some money while at home

We noticed a recent spike in data-bundle requests on our platform and we tried to get to the root of it. Do you know what we found out?

Yea, you guessed right. Several users are now using for business. I call them SMART guys. They have turned as a way to quickly do another business while at home trusting God for the end of this Covid_19 drama.

So I remembered you. Yes, you too can start making some extra income by selling data as a normal user on to your friends and family. No doubt, everyone needs data now more than before. 

For example, you buy data on for N450 and sell it maybe N550 or even N500. That’s about N100 profit for just 1GB, imagine you are able to sell the same to 20 people in a day. Yea, N2k profit without leaving your couch. How awesome?

You can even take it further by upgrading your account to be an agent and get data for cheaper prices, do bigger transactions, access to special support and get customers’ recommendations. 

We are currently giving out a massive discount on our agent upgrade fee. A whopping 50%. So you can now upgrade your account to an agent with just N2,500!

If you’re doing this, hurry as we planned to end this offer by March 31st, 2020.

So, what are you thinking? A lot of guys at home, they want to watch Netflix, browse Facebook, Twitter and all. All these are powered by the internet which requires data bundle to their phone. Don’t waste time, start your campaign now and push massively.

As for us at, we are here to support you throughout this time of Covid_19. We very much hope that we will get over this as soon as possible.

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Stay Safe. Wash Your Hands. Avoid Crowd

With love,

Opeyemi Paul



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