How to Load 1app Voucher

A better way to recharge your 1app account is here, it is through 1app vouchers

The sole purpose of building a huge platform like 1app is to make life easier for people.

With the above very clear, we are always creating ways to make this happen on every part of 1app. This time, it is wallet funding.

We have now created a way for you to fund your 1app wallet in the easiest way without incurring any service charge or be delayed with all these banking issues.

Welcome to the world of 1app Vouchers!

You can load your 1app account with a voucher code and get your wallet funded instantly. How?

  1. Get a PIN from the nearest agent
  2. Open your 1app account and click on Wallet –
  3. On the wallet page, click on Load 1app Voucher
  4. On this page, input the pin numbers and submit
  5. Your 1app will automatically be funded with the value of that voucher.

What if there is no agent nearby, can’t I still use it?  I can hear you asking that question and I’m happy to inform you that you can also generate vouchers for yourself to use and even sell to other 1app users.   Click on the My Vouchers button on your dashboard, input the value(amount) you want on each voucher to be generated, input the number of vouchers you want to generate and then proceed to the payment page.   Upon successful completion, the token(s) will be displayed for you on the receipt page and you can use these token(s) to fund your 1app wallet.

The funds in your wallet are now available to do anything from airtime recharge to data recharge, bank transfer, and others

Here is to a better life. #easylifeishere

Note: 1app is the new name from 1app


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