How to fund your 1app Wallet with automated bank transfer

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1app has come up with an even easier and faster way of funding your wallet.  We are aware that some people do not use ATM/Debit cards to fund their wallet and they prefer bank transfers.   To make the funding smoother and faster, we have come up with the ‘automated bank transfer’ solution.

How is this done?   Just follow these quick and easy steps :

  1.  Go to the Wallet page and click on the Fund Wallet Buttonfund wallet
  2. Click on Add a new debit cardadd new card
  3. Click on Change Payment Methodchange payment method
  4. Choose the Pay with Bank Transfer optionpay with bank transfer
  5. Transfer from your Bank App into the Account Number that shows on the page and click on the I have made the Bank Transfer Buttonmade transfer
  6. Your wallet will be funded immediately your payment has been confirmed.   It typically takes less than 4 minutes.
NB:  Please, ensure that you transfer into the automated account number generated by this process.  The account number may change from time to time but rest assured that it’s for 1app and your wallet will be automatically funded immediately your payment is confirmed.