How to buy data bundles on 1app.


To buy data bundles on 1app is quite easy and simple to do.  Click on the Data Bundle button and follow the easy steps.

How to check Data Bundle Balance

To check your data bundle balance, you can dial these short codes for the respective networks :

MTN : *461*4#

GLO : *127*0#

AIRTEL : *140#

9MOBILE : *228#


    How to check Transaction status on 1app

Delivery Report

You can check the delivery status of your transaction by going to the Transactions page and click on the Tx Ref of the particular transaction. It’ll take you to a page where you can see the details of the transaction. If Our Status and Delivery Status both show Completed, then, your transaction was successful.

Transaction Pending

If Our Status shows as Pending, it means your transaction wasn’t completed and you can click on the Requery Transaction button that appears. This will instantly refresh the transaction and the button will disappear once the transaction is completed.

If Our Status is Completed but the Delivery Status is Pending, you have to be patient as the delay is from the network provider and should be completed shortly.

Claim Refund

Whenever you send data bundles and the sim card is unregistered, phone number number has been ported to another network and the network you chose doesn’t correspond with the ported network, you can claim a refund of your money. The Delivery Status will show as Refunded and a ‘Claim Refund‘ button will appear on the page.  Click on the button and your money will be refunded back to your wallet.


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