How does 1app work?


We are always being asked,’How does 1app work?’, ‘How do I use 1app?’ , ‘What are the benefits of using MyVTU?’. Well, I am here to answer some of your questions although some of the other questions have been answered on other blog posts. Do a google search and you’ll find the answers to your questions if they are not here.  Without further ado, let’s dive in :

Is 1app real?

As human beings, we naturally tend to be skeptical if things appear too good to be true. I mean, who sells airtime, data bundles and offer other services at lesser prices and with lower prices than even the companies who own the products? I can tell you categorically and unequivocally that 1app is 100% real and legitimate. It’s the brainchild of the team at O’Bounce Technologies, a leading IT firm that looks to solve real life problems and make life easier for the average human. A registered company by the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC) with RC 1509123.

How to fund wallet on 1app

One of the leading questions on 1app is ‘How can I fund my wallet?’. There are four (4) ways of funding your wallet on 1app.  I will highlight and explain the different steps below;


Click on the Wallet button on your dashboard or go to the wallet page after you login to your account, choose the Fund Online option and follow the quick and easy steps of adding your ATM card and the amount you want to fund your wallet with.   This method is fully automated and instant.


Another good thing about 1app is that you get a dedicated account number immediately after completing your registration.  This account number works like your other bank accounts and carries your details. You can transfer into this account number and your wallet gets funded automatically and instantly. You can also receive payments from people directly to this dedicated account number.


You can also transfer into our bank account,click on the wallet button on your dashboard or go to the wallet page and choose the Bank Transfer option, transfer to the account on the page and then send your Name, Email, Bank transferred to and amount transferred as a TEXT MESSAGE to the phone number on the page where the account number you transferred to.  Your wallet will be funded as soon as your payment is confirmed.


You can also fund your wallet by using the Voucher method, read more on that here –>  How to load 1app Voucher

Can I send funds from my wallet to someone else?

Yes. If you want to surprise a loved one or your friend is having trouble funding his/her wallet due to insufficient funds or poor banking services, you can send money directly to their wallet from your own wallet.  Just click on the Send Gift button and enter the email the user used in registering on 1app, input the amount you want to send to the person and either send the money directly from your wallet or from your ATM/debit card. This service is totally free and no charges apply.

Save constant transaction details

A  lot of us have transactions we do constantly, like sending airtime or data bundle to our loved ones and instead of putting in their number and network provider every time you want to perform this transaction, you can just save all these details and click on a button to send it whenever you want to do this. Go to the Saved Transaction page and save all transactions you wish to.

How can I buy the products?

To purchase any of the products, just click on any of the buttons listed on your dashboard to purchase the product or use the service. 1app is designed in a simple way that makes it very easy for you to follow the quick steps and get your transactions done within a minute of initiating it.

What price will I be buying from you?

You can check out all the pricing for all the products on our platform by clicking on the My Prices link on your dashboard.

A lot of features are being added on 1app almost every time. You can be a Merchant, Investor, Agent or just a regular user of 1app.  It’s fast, cheap, secure and convenient.