How Are You Coping? Can this help??

Reaching out to loved ones is very important at this time. That is why I am reaching out to you…

This period came to us all like a joke but gradually becoming a reality.

From trying not to be infected by the Coronavirus or Covid_19
Having to stay home compulsorily because of the lockdown
Boys taking to the street to rob us of whatever we have
Hunger, Boredom and every other thing anyone might have lost.

It is really saddening, but there is good news!

At 1app, we have been seriously thinking about you. I mean, how we can contribute to your welfare at this period. We are coming up with strategies to help you make money while at home and meet the needs of people around you.

Unlike other firms, we want to reward you directly not employing the government to help us dash out cash that doesn’t always reach the people.

One of the solutions we came up with is a VTU Portal that will help you handle the selling of airtime and data seamlessly especially now that everyone needs data like air. You are getting this website built by us for FREE and you will only pay for the domain and hosting valued at N15,000.

Wow right? Yes, we are doing this because you mean so much to us

Go To: to start now

If you look at it critically, with the basic plan, you are only paying for the hosting and domain name registration. While we give you a portal worth N100,000 for FREE as a way to help you during this lockdown.

To get this portal, simply make a request here –

Don’t just sit at home. Brace up and do something
– Refer your friends to and get N500

– Start a full VTU business by getting a VTU Portal – for as low as N15,000 and make huge profit monthly

– Become a business developer with VTU Portal Creator and make upto 15% commission on each sale

Above all, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up. You will outlive this epidemic and things will bounce back to normal.

We are always with you.

If there is anything we can do to help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via [email protected]

Stay Home. Stay Safe. 

Get a VTU Portal Now is the best



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