How 1app is handling Coronavirus

Words from our MD/CEO to you in this trying times

It’s no more news that the world is battling an unseen enemy. An enemy that doesn’t segregate, an enemy that is putting the world in a lock-down, an enemy that is yet have a vaccine nor a major treatment. Some people call it Coronavirus, WHO calls it Covid_19, Trump calls it Chinese Virus but what so ever it is, a virus that attacks the upper respiratory system of humans.

Now is not the time to panic too much (yes, you can be scared, I am too) but beyond your fears, follow all precautions as laid down by the World Health Organization. Wash your hands regularly, avoid crowd, cough into your elbow, if you notice any coronavirus symptom, self-quarantine and call your doctor.

What are we doing specially at 1app and O’Bounce in general?
At the wake of the epidemic in Nigeria, we have re-structured our work process (since we are built for that from scratch) to encourage working remotely. From Monday 23, March 2020, all the staff at O’Bounce now works remotely and has been fully educated about the issue the world is currently facing. Although our office has been provided with every agent needed to curb the spread, we still wouldn’t take the chance, all members are to work from home.

How about me, a user of
As always, you are FIRST in our agenda, we are making it easier for you to do a transaction on our system. We are turning more of the staff to support so more people can respond to your queries and help you when the need arises.

Here are few ways we are making it easier to use
– A dedicated account number for all users of with this dedicated account number, you will get instant crediting to your 1app account without having to call anyone. Simply logon to your 1app Account, locate your Account number (provided by Providus Bank) and start transferring to it to get funded automatically.

– Account Officer for each User: You will soon be seeing account officers dedicated to you as a user on to resolve any issue you might have as soon as possible.

And in a few days, we will take you through how you can make money while at home.

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Extras for You:
One of the things you can do during this work at home is to take short online training like the O’Bounce Institute training to be well-positioned for the best jobs after this epidemic. You can register for a course here for as low as N10,000.
Register here –

It’s really a trying time for the world and we need to work together to overcome this. Our love and prayer are with you as expect a major resolution to this virus as soon as possible.

Thanks and God bless us!



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