Hello July!! N20,000 still up for grabs from 1app

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Hello July!! MyVTU

The management has decided to suspend this giveaway for a little time, the full focus has been turned to the referral giveaway .


1app – One App, All Payments wishes everyone of our esteemed customers a happy new month and also welcome you to a scintillating month.  We hope this month brings you joy as you take a step closer to achieving all your dreams.

We thank you for helping us this community to what it has become and we appreciate all your feedback, suggestions and continuous patronage therefore, we have extended our promo.

Our ongoing promo from June has been extended because no user met the criteria.

We still want to reward our loyal customers even though nobody got close.  The management has decided that instead of cancelling the promo altogether, we should give our esteemed customers the opportunity to win this again in July.

How to qualify for this draw

  • Register on 1app.online – https://1app.online/register
  • Fund your wallet with any amount
  • Start buying data for yourself or your customers (we have allocated points to all our products)
  • On your dashboard, you will see your total points under your wallet balance
  • You need to have sold at least 20GB in at least one of the days of the month
  • Check the leaderboard to see your rank
  • Promo ends on Friday, August 2, 2019.

Did You Know?

Do you know you can get up to 15% interest when you put money on 1app as investment?  Incredible, isn’t it?  The best thing about it is that you don’t need a huge amount before you can benefit in this, you can invest as low as N30,000.  Go to www.1app.online/investments to read more and also invest.

You can now transfer money using 1app with lesser charges than banks

Yes, you read that correctly.  We know how exorbitant bank charges are when you want to transfer money but we have made things easier for you.   Read more about that here

Do you want to  get paid for goods and services?

We have added a new feature where you can  receive payments for your goods and services. Just go to https://1app.online/merchant to register and start receiving payments.   You can read more here and here.

Happy New Month and we wish you the very best in it.     You can read more about all our other offers and everything you need to know about 1app here – www.1app.online/blog