Beware of Scams!

beware of scams

Beware of Scams & Scammers!!!

Don’t get scammed!

Registration on 1app is COMPLETELY FREE!!!

No 1app agent will ask you to pay to create an account on 1app!!!

No 1app agent will ask for your PIN or password!!!

Yes, you can pay to upgrade to a 1app agent or distributor to get cheaper services at a fee. But note that this and any payment would be through the official website or mobile app. Only download mobile apps from the Play Store and App Store.

Please note that we are referred to as either ‘1app‘ or ‘1APP‘. Our mobile apps are ‘1app‘ and ‘1app Business‘ on both platforms. Other variations like 1App, OneApp, ONEAPP, oneapp, ONE App, OneApp or Oneapp are not related to our brand.

Beware of Scams! We value you! And we hope you stay safe!

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If you think your account is compromised, update your password, update your transaction pin, or enable 2FA verification. Also, learn how to remove your debit cards from the app here.



1app is helping businesses and individuals to make and receive payments by aggregating all payment solutions into one reliable app