Be Your Own Boss. Start A Bills Payment Business Rightly In 2020 [A Must Read]

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At a certain time in life, there is always this need for more income, I mean more money because there are more needs. When this is very strong in your heart and you think you are ready for that more income. Starting a good, large-scale business is the ANSWER.

Note that I mentioned a “GOOD” and “LARGE-SCALE”. What I meant by those two terms is simply
GOOD – what people naturally need
LARGE-SCALE – what a lot of people needs

A number of people that started a business and couldn’t make a lot of out it is because they forgot to tick those options above.

When you are deciding to start a business and want to make huge sales from it, PLEASE tick those two options FIRST. They are sacrosanct!

One of such business I want to introduce to you right now is a payment or bills platform business.

Visit to make a request now!

In summary, how about you create a business for over 110 million Nigerians as announced by NCC? How about you create a business that people uses daily like Oxygen?

Ok, you are getting it now? Yes, a payment or bill platform is where people can make purchases of Airtime, Data Bundle, Pay for Cable TV (DSTV, GOTV Startimes esp in this era of BBNaija), Pay for Electricity Bills, Pay for WAEC Scratch Card and several other things.

You are getting interested right?

Oh, you still don’t believe it is that PROFITABLE? Look at Banks (I mean the BIG commercial BANKS that you need 25 Billion Naira to start) they are into this business.
How about Top E-COmmerce Sites like Jumia? The only place they are making a profit right now is from Bills Payment and our dear lovely Opay had to focus on just bills payment to stay afloat a 50 billion investment business.

Now, here is the good news!

You can start this Bills Payment Business easily by leveraging on a pre-built software that generates a powerful bills payment website for you. The whole setup will be completed in 3-5days.

How do I mean, you can join the leagues of banks and others in Bills Payment Business within 3days with as low as N50,000 and rake in PROFITs as much as you want or are prepared for.

This pre-built software will get you a Bills Payment website within 3 days, connect you to be able to sell all these services, you will be able to customize the look of your website and adjust the pricing you want to sell your products as you deem fit.

There is a proverb that says, “He who gets to the river first fetches the best of water”
Be Part of the people that takes action immediately and not the doubting Thomas. It pays

To Get Started Immediately, go to and click on “Request Portal”

Let me explain further about the business.
– VTU Portal Creator has 3 plans, Basic (N50,000), PRO (N100,000) and Ultimate (N220,000)
– Many people start with Basic, but I do recommend if you really want to do this business go for PRO package
– Fund your business wallet with at least N50,000 (this is your stock). You can fund it up to N20million
– Budget to spend about N50,000 on Ads for a Month

From the analysis above, that’s a total of N200,000 to start. DO this diligently for 3-6 month and watch your profit

If you are unsure of what to do or needs someone to manage everything for you including adverts send a mail to me at [email protected] for a special request on this.

My advice for you is to take action immediately, don’t depend on a single income. Create another stream of income, get a bills payment website.

Visit to make a request now!

– Opeyemi Paul



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