1app’s Multiple Payment Gateway System: What it is and how does it work?

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Integrating online payment methods into your business is an important decision. Making a choice from the available payment gateways is essential as well. Many developers integrate more than one payment gateway. This is to encourage flexibility and reduce drop-off rates due to downtimes.

Using a payment gateway helps simplify your sales process. But it gets harder when you have to manage more than one dashboard at a time.

1app’s multiple payment gateways is an aggregator system that combines all these payment gateways into one. You register on 1app and get access to every payment gateway – with an option to toggle off and on any gateway or payment method.

This method simplifies your payment collection process and keeps customers. With the diverse payment methods, customers can make payments using the method/service they are most comfortable with. Thereby boosting the customer’s shopping experience and sales effectively.

1app provides support for varieties of payment methods, enabling customers to pay either in Naira or dollars. It also provides an aggregated dashboard that helps you manage all payments received from any of your methods in one dashboard. This aims to increase your business conversation rate, reduce the time you spend on balancing accounts and make your business more flexible and scalable. It is also beneficial for growing businesses expanding globally. The more robust your payment stack, the more local specificities and preferences you have covered.

At 1app, we build diverse payment methods to boost your sales satisfaction as a business owner. While you worry about delivering value, we ensure you receive payments and manage your finances easily.

Visit https://1app.online to learn more or check out our documentation on https://lnkd.in/dyER5M6J