Understanding 1app Merchant

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1app is a platform that allows businessmen/women (Merchant) to receive payments from their customers all over Nigeria in a convenient, fast and secure way.

In Nigeria, we have over 200,000 businesses and a high percentage of them are unbanked (i.e  not having access to receive payment from customers who are far away or outside the same state), that is why 1app Merchant is brought to help business owners in Nigeria receive payment from their customers with ease and in a reliable way.

Benefits of being a 1app Merchant

There are several benefits of being a 1app merchant;

  • Instant Settlement: All payment you receive from your customers are instant ( You get credited immediately)
  • Free Advert: We will also advertise your goods/products on the platform for free
  • Flexibility on charges payment: You can choose who to pay the 1% charge.  You can either cover it or ask the customer to pay for it
  • Access to large loans: You have access to request for loans to boost your business
  • Business Partnership
  • CLICK HERE to see other benefits of being a 1app merchant

How to use 1app Merchant Service

Below are steps on how to use 1app Merchant service:

  • You must first be a registered and approved member of 1app Merchant (not yet registered? CLICK HERE ).
  • After your account has been approved, you can start receiving payment from your customers
  • Upload your products/goods/services on the platform and showcase it to existing and potential customers
  • Tell your customers to make payment through the platform by sharing your direct link with them (direct link is the slug you used in registering)
  • On your dashboard, you can see transactions and payment from customers, wallet balance, your total sales, etc.

To read more on how to use 1app Merchant service, Click here.

Terms and Conditions of 1app merchant

  • A charge of 1% of the total amount on all valid transactions apply
  • You must transact within 6 months i.e complete registration and accept payment through the platform within the first 6 months or your account will be temporarily suspended.

Haven’t registered as 1app Merchant?
Register via www.1app.online/merchant.



1app is helping businesses and individuals to make and receive payments by aggregating all payment solutions into one reliable app